George A. Russell, American educator, Died at 95


George Albert Russell II was born on July 12, 1921, in Bertrand, Missouri and died on December 27, 2016.

He was president of the University of Missouri System from 1991 to 1996.

Russell was a 1938 graduate of Sikeston High School.

Russell served in the Navy from 1940 to 1960 and retired as a commander.

Whilst he was in the Navy he received his Bachelor’s degree from The University of Pennsylvania, a Masters from MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his Doctorate Degree from the University of Illinois.

Following 20 years of service with the Navy he retired and began a second career teaching physics at the University of Illinois, he later became the Dean of the Graduate College for Research and Development.

During 1977, Russell was named Chancellor of the University of Missouri-Kansas City, a position he held until being named the president of the University of Missouri System in 1991 (at the age of 70).

George A. Russell passed away at 95 years old.