Gaston Poulain, French bishop, Died at 88

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Gaston Poulain was born on July 19, 1927, and died on October 24, 2015 in Caen (Calvados), he was a French Catholic prelate.

Ordained December 8, 1951 for the diocese of Bayeux, he joined the Compagnie de Saint-Sulpice in 1952.

Named coadjutor bishop of Périgueux August 24, 1985, he was consecrated on 3 November by Cardinal Albert Decourtray.

Gaston then became bishop of the diocese holds 15 October 1988 and retires 5 March 2004 because of his age.

Advanced training of Bishop Gaston Poulain was initiated at the seminary of his diocese, in Bayeux, before moving to Rome at the Pontifical University Angelicum.

It allowed him to get a doctorate in theology.

As a priest, his main tasks were turned towards the formation of seminarians, priests but also lay people.

It indeed was successively director at the seminary of Coutances (1960-1969), then the upper inter-diocesan seminary of Reims and director of the Center for Theological laity Reims (1969-1980) and finally the greater inter-diocesan seminary at St. Irenaeus Francheville (Rhône) (1980-1986).

As bishop, Gaston led in parallel on one hand the conduct of the Diocese of Périgueux, where he was the first bishop coadjutor of 1985-1988 before becoming the titular bishop of 1988-2004 and secondly its action at the national level, especially in the area of ​​relations with Judaism.

He died on 24 October 2015 at Caen, in Little Sisters of the Poor, where he had retired after serving as chaplain at St. Therese of Lisieux Sanctuary

Gaston was a member and then chairman of the Episcopal Committee for Relations with Judaism.

In February 2004, Gaston was part of the delegation of nine French bishops who met the World Jewish Congress in New York, and at the invitation of its director, Rabbi Israel Singer These meetings are renewed in 2005 and 2006.

Gaston Poulain passed away at age 88 in October 2015.