Gary Allen, Apple enthusiast, Died at 67

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Gary Allen, the man who tracked the launch of Apple Stores around the world for his much-loved website, ifo Apple Store, has died from brain cancer at age 67 on October 11, 2015.

The sad news surfaced in an article published earlier today by The Washington Post.

The piece, which rightly describes Gary as “Apple’s biggest fan,” notes that Gary died on Sunday.

Gary halted work on his Apple Store-focused blog, ifo Apple Store, back in March.

At present, the blog is no longer functioning; instead, a small message reading “Please come back later” is displayed.

There are no links to the blog’s previously published content, he announced the closure of ifo Apple Store.

For ifo Apple Store, Gary travelled around the world, visiting Apple’s retail locations and reporting on the launch of new stores.

Often, Gary’s articles (and Twitter updates) would provide readers with a unique insight into the detail behind Apple’s brick-and-mortar locations.

As The Washington Post explains, Gary even once visited the Utah factory which makes Apple Store tables “to say thanks.”

Gary Allen passed away in October 2015.