Fred Secombe, Welsh priest and writer, Died at 97


Rev. Frederick Thomas Secombe was born on December 31, 1918, and died on December 8, 2016, in Cardiff, Wales, UK.

He was a Welsh priest and writer

Fred an older brother of Sir Harry Donald Secombe.

He was a graduate of St David’s College, Lampeter.

He was ordained as a deacon and priest in The Church in Wales, serving his first assistant curacy in South Wales, later as a vicar.

Later, Secombe moved to St. Mary’s Church, Hanwell, as Rector, in west London and was appointed Prebendary of St Paul’s Cathedral, London.

Secombe the author of several light hearted and humorous books based on his experiences as a newly ordained priest in South Wales.

Fred Secombe passed away at 97 years old.