Fred Oldfield, American painter, Died at 98


Fred Vernon Oldfield was born on March 18, 1918, in Alfalfa, Washington and died on February 24, 2017.

He was an American cowboy and western artist.

He grew up as a cowhand near Toppenish, Washington, on the Yakama Indian Reservation.

At a early stage in his life, the family followed seasonal work in the Pacific Northwest traveling in a horse-drawn wagon.

At 17 he realized his potential as an artist when he painted a thistle flower on a bunkhouse wall which included a painted faux frame and nail to hang it on.

He had moved in Alaska (1941), while there his landlady, who was said to have been of somewhat shady reputation and incredible sales ability, acted as his first gallery agent.

She bargained as much as $10 each for his 9” x 9” paintings on discarded linoleum depicting cowboys, Indians, and mountainous landscapes.

Fred Oldfield passed away at 98 years old.