Fred Deux, French artist, Died at 91


Fred Deux was born on July 1, 1924, and died on September 9, 2015,

He was a designer and writer.

Fred was an apprentice electrician at Conservatoire national des arts et métiers in 1941 to 1943.

In 1943, during the period of the Occupation, he was contacted by an FTP resistance group and joined the maquis FTP Doubs.

After the Liberation, he joined the French army in the goums Moroccans.

He refused to serve the colonial policy after the war, it gets to be reformed in 1948.

From 1948, Deux was a bookstore Clary, in rue Paradis.

He then married one of Clary sisters whom he had two daughters born in 1949 and 1950, but divorced quickly.

While Fred worked at the bookstore, he was introduced to literature, works of André Breton and the Surrealist Manifesto.

From there follows a long series of readings: Louis Aragon, Henry Miller, Sade, Franz Kafka.

Fred also discovers Paul Klee that influence.

He founded the subgroup of surreal Marseille.

Fred then started, with lacquer paint for bicycle, to achieve its first spots on paper.

“Kleepathologies” the works of the first period from 1949 to 1958.

This was characterized by the predominance of spots that invade the surface of paper, “spots” noticed by Karl Flinker.

Fred went to Paris, there he met Cécile Reims in 1951, who become his companion.

During 1953, the library gallery Le Fanal had his first solo exhibition.

Fred Deux was bedridden, in 1957.

He wrote The Two Gana submit it to Maurice Nadeau: the book was published in 1958 under the pseudonym Jean Douassot.

The book was the first of his largely autobiographical writings.

He also made ​​pencil large “Self-portraits”, the “Passions” which lead him, from 1982 to drawings populated large format phantasmagorical beings, double figures, other figures (existing processions, Remz, Alter ego).

Fred and Cécile Reims moved to La Chatre in Berry, in 1985, .

Among his many achievements, Fred created The Life is me, unique book, a collection of 19 drawings enhanced with water colour.

His wife Cécile Reims helped with many of his works at that time.

The couple founded the Contemporary Art Center of Lacoux (CACL) in the 70’s, in the department of Ain.

The center is in a former town hall-school abandoned the hamlet of Lacoux, located in the town of Hauteville-Lompnes

Fred Deux passed away at 91 years old on September 9, 2015, in La Châtre