Franzl Lang, German yodeler, Died at 84


Franz “Franzl” Lang was born on December 28, 1930, and died on December 6, 2015.

Known as the Yodelking (German: Jodlerkonig), Franz was a yodeler from Bavaria, Germany.

Franz also sings and plays the guitar and the accordion and is the author of several books on yodeling.

Franz Lang’s genre is German folk music; he typically sings in the Bavarian dialect of the rural Alpine regions.

Now retired as a performer, Franz still occasionally records.

By general consensus, Franz is considered to be the best Alpine yodeler in the world.

Raised in Munich, Lang trained as a toolmaker.

Franz started playing his trademark accordion at the age of nine.

His greatest hit was his 1968 composition “Kufstein-Lied”.

For many years in the 1970s, Franz was a permanent feature of musical variety shows on West German television, especially on the ZDF program Lustige Musikanten.

Franz has sold more than 10 million recordings; he has earned 20 gold records and one platinum record within the German recording industry.

He is known as one of the most famous yodelers to have ever lived.

Franz has been married to his wife Johanna since 1954; he has one son (Franz Herbert Lang) and one daughter (Christl).

Franz Lang passed away at the Munich hospital on December 6, 2015.