Frank Wainright, American football player, Died at 48


Frank Wesley Wainright was born on October 10, 1967, and died on April 5, 2016.

He was a professional American football tight end.

He was a member of the National Football League for ten seasons for the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Miami Dolphins, and Baltimore Ravens.

Frank played high school his freshman through junior year at Peoria Heights High School.

Wainright played college football at the University of Northern Colorado and was drafted in the eighth round of the 1991 NFL Draft.

He was on the 2000 Super Bowl-winning Ravens team.

He received a back injury ended his NFL career following the Super Bowl.

Frank Wainright was the President of the NFL Alumni Chapter in Denver, CO.

Following his retirement from his NFL football career in Baltimore, Wainright moved back to Colorado in 2002 and started a business in medical sales for the spine.

He was a great businessman and started his own distributorship and multiple other businesses in the medical device and sales industry.

He was a believer in participating in research and education to create knowledge and awareness in the medical field, specifically, in the sports industry to make sports safer for all athletes.

Reportedly, Wainright donated his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation for the study of short and long term impact of CTE – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy.

Frank Wainright passed away at 48 yrs old.