François-Eudes Chanfrault, French composer, Died at 41


François-Eudes Chanfrault was born on December 2, 1974, and died on March 11, 2016.

He was also credited as François Eudes and Francois Eudes.

He was a French composer and laptop musician.

As a film music compositions, his work in 2003 included the movie Haute Tension by filmmaker Alexandre Aja and Who Killed Bambi? directed by Gilles Marchand.

François-Eudes Chanfrault released his first music album, Computer-Assisted Sunset, on compact disc in 2005 via the label MK2, which received a positive reception from publications including Fnac and Les Inrocks.

In that same year, his music was used in the film Beyond Hatred, which was directed by Olivier Meyrou, and received a favorable review in Variety.

During 2006, François worked with director Alexandre Aja again, this time on the film The Hills Have Eyes.

François work on the music for this film inspired director Jeremy Forni for his 2011 documentary film Après la gauche.

His compositions for the 2007 film Inside directed by Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo were positively received by media including Popjournalism.

François’s soundtrack and arrangements for the 2008 film Donkey Punch, which was directed by Olly Blackburn, was praised by film critic Kurt Loder in a review for and was also received favorably in a review of the film in Libération.

In 2008, Chanfrault also composed the music for two more films: Vinyan by filmmaker Fabrice Du Welz, and The Wedding Song (Le Chant des mariées) directed by Karin Albou.

François music for the television movie ‘Belleville Story’which was directed by Arnaud Malherbe was favorably reviewed in two separate articles in L’Express.

François-Eudes Chanfrault passed away at 41 yrs old.