Florence Storch, Supercentenarian sportswoman, Died at 102

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Florence Storch, who won javelin medal at age 101 has passed away on October 21, 2015.

Florence Storch was a Canadian supercentenarian sportswoman.

She continued competing even after her 100th birthday, although she had to grip a walker with one hand while throwing the javelin with the other.

At the 2014 Games held near Edmonton, a 101-year-old Florence Storch captured a silver medal.

She was one of only two women in the over-85 age category that year and was bested by a more mobile 87-year-old.

Surrounded by news cameras, the white-haired wonder said she didn’t want a big fuss and was just happy to be out on the field.

Storch was a teacher in a rural schoolhouse, where she often participated in sports with her students, and later became a farm wife and raised three boys.

Before competing in the 2014 games, Florence said she was going for gold.

She took home a silver medal for Alberta in the javelin event, but walked away with her head held high.

Florence died at age 102 in October 2015.