Fida Hassnain, Indian historian, Died at 93


Fida Hassnain in 1924 in Srinagar, Kashmi, and died in 2016.

He was a Kashmiri writer and Sufi mystic.

He was the son of schoolteachers.

Fida Hassnain’s father fought with the British Indian forces in the Boer War in South Africa in 1902.

He graduated from the University of Punjab and the Aligarh Muslim University, and became a barrister, but the events surrounding the partition of colonial British India made him lose faith in the law, and after a short period of social work he became a lecturer in 1947 at the Sri Patrap (SP) College in Srinagar.

During 1954, Fida became Director of the Kashmir State Archives, retiring in 1983.

He breathed his last at SKIMS Soura on 09 July 2016. (May his soul rest in peace)

The study tours he took resulted in the salvaging of several hundred manuscripts in Arabic, Sanskrit and Persian, which were housed in the Archives and Oriental Research Libraries.

He was also an archaeologist, he has conducted several excavations.

Fida wrote several books on the subject of Lost years of Jesus and Kashmir, which have been translated into Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Japanese.

Fida Hassnain has made frequent guest appearances in documentaries about the tomb of Roza Bal supporting the teaching of the founder of Ahmadiyya Islam Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (1899) that Jesus of Nazareth died in India.

Fida Hassnain passed away at 93 years old.