Fernando Fusco, Italian artist, Died at 86

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Dead, Fernando Fusco, born August 1, 1929 and died August 10, 2015. Fernando Fusco worked on many comic book productions for the French and British market, working in varying genres like romance and western.

From early childhood avid fan of the comics , Fernando Fusco made ​​his debut in the field in 1948 , at nineteen, with episodes of Jeff Cooper, in which his style is strongly influenced by the great American writers of the time.

After briefly collaborated with the editors of the weekly The Victorious , has lived and worked for thirteen years in France (from 1957 to 1970 ). From this period the collaboration for publishers Editions Mondiales of Cino del Duca , Editions Montsouris and the World Press agency.

For the first realizes the heroic series scientific Scott Darnal, for the second Cendrine and Esperanza and for the third a series of strips for some newspapers national, such as Paris Jour .

In addition to Sagéditions draws the comic adaptation of the television series Bonanza and Tarzan .

For Intermonde Agency, under the pseudonym Rifer, suits the small novel by Victor Hugo , L’homme qui rit. For the same agency realizes then Salambo , from the novel by Gustave Flaubert .

Since 1960 Fusco appears on La Sage, published by Sagéditions, drawing western series such as Aigle Noir, which is an adaptation of a television series of great success of the season 1955 – 1956 CBS.

The fruitful collaboration with the French publishing house continues with Willie West, Plume de Falco or rewriting for comics of other television series like Rintintin and Le cheval de Fer .

The name of the artist from Liguria is also on Lisette, magazine Editions of Montsouris, of 1965 . At the same time working with the Temple Art Agency working for the British market, illustrating stories almost exclusively sentimental.