Federico Kirbus, Argentine author, Died at 84

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Federico B. Kirbus was born in 1931, in Buenos Aires, Piñeyro and died on December 12, 2015.

He was a Argentine journalist, writer and researcher.

He also worked with Marlu Kirbus with his wife, on various issues.

Federico has published articles such as Speed, Chart, Engine, Full Motor, Air & Sol, La Prensa, La Nacion, Clarin newspaper, Argentinisches Tageblatt, Autoclub, Automobile Revue (Bern, Switzerland), Road & Track, Car and Driver (USA) among others.

Kirbus has covered various important issues surrounding the tourism sector and has made a varerty of impacts.

He has written many articles, as a journalist many races at home and abroad, and toured with Juan Manuel Fangio in Europe.

Federico joined the racing team Mercedes-Benz in 1955.

In the year 1980, he obtained a Mention Rolex Award by the First Foundation in Buenos Aires Escobar

He also took in its honor the name “Sergeant Frederick” a hill of 6168 m located between summits and Peñas Blue Bonnet, in the great circle of volcanoes in the province of La Rioja, in latitude 27 ° S and longitude 68 57.6 44 5 W.

In 1987 Federico received a Certificate of Merit of the Konex Awards as one of the five popular science journalists most important of Argentina so far.

Federico Kirbus passed away at 84 yrs old.