Fazu Aliyeva, Russian Avar poet and journalist, Died at 83

  Activist, Writers

Fazu Alijeva was born on December 5, 1932, in the Khunzakhsky District and died on January 1, 2016, in Makhachkala, Dagestan, Russia.

She was an Avar speaking-Soviet-born Russian poet, novelist and journalist.

Aliyeva has made a significant role to the development of Dagestani in Russian literature.

Aliyeva is also known for being a human rights activist.

She was awarded two Orders of the “Badge of Honor” and two Orders of Friendship of Peoples, the Order of St. Andrew the Apostle in 2002.

She was awarded the Gold Medal of the Soviet Peace Fund and the Jubilee Medal of the World Peace Council, as well as honorary awards in several foreign countries.

Fazu Aliyeva passed away at 83 yrs old on January 1, 2016, due to heart failure.