Ezekiel Anisi, Papua New Guinean politician, Died at 28

Ezekiel Anisi was born on September 1, 1988 and died on May 24, 2017.
He was a Papua New Guinean politician
Anisi was a member of the National Parliament of Papua New Guinea from August until October 2012, when he was unseated by the National Court, and from a December 2013 by-election until his death, representing the electorate of Ambunti-Dreikikir Open in East Sepik Province.
Anisi was the youngest MP in Papua New Guinea.
He was reported to have died whilst collecting election materials at a guesthouse in Port Moresby only weeks before the 2017 General Election, where he was seeking a second term of office.
Anisi was a family member said he died whilst being transported to Pacific International Hospital.
Anisi’s sudden death at the age of only 28 sparked discussion about the health of MPs in Papua New Guinea.
Ezekiel Anisi passed away at 28 years old.