Ewen Whitaker, British astronomer, Died at 94


Ewen A. Whitaker was born on June 22, 1922 and died in 2016.

He was a British-born astronomer.

Ewen has specialized in Lunar studies since 1951.

In WW2 Ewen was engaged in quality control—by UV spectrographic analysis—of the lead sheathing of hollow cables strung under the English Channel as part of the secret Project PLUTO (Pipe Line Under The Ocean) to supply gasoline to Allied military vehicles in France.

Following the war, Whitaker obtained a position at the Royal Greenwich Observatory working on the UV spectra of stars, but became interested in lunar studies.

Whilst on the sideline, Ewen Whitaker drew and published in 1954 the first accurate chart of the South Polar area of the Moon and served as director of the Lunar Section of the British Astronomical Association.

Ewen Whitaker wife Beryl died in 2013.

Ewen Whitaker passed away at 94 years old.