Evelyn Berezin


American computer designer Evelyn Berezin was born on April 12, 1925, and died on December 8, 2018.

She was best known for designing the first computer-driven word processor.

Evelyn Berezin was also responsible for the first computer-controlled systems for airline reservations.

She began university at Hunter College in January 1941, studying Economics instead of Physics she preferred because it was preferred as a subject for women at that time.

Evelyn Berezin worked full-time during the day as an assistant in the Theology Department of the Research Division of the International Printing Company (IPI).

Going to university at night, Evelyn Berezin received her B.S. in physics in 1946.

Evelyn Berezin started graduate work at New York University, holding a fellowship from the United States Atomic Energy Commission.

Berezin accepted a job with the Electronic Computer Corporation and began there as head of the Logic Design Department, in 1951.

She was the only known person doing the logic design for computers being developed by ECC.

She was married for 51 years to Israel Wilenitz, born in 1922 in London.

Evelyn Berezin passed away at 93 years old.


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