Evangelos Basiakos, Greek politician, Died at 63


Evangelos Basiakos was born in 1954, in Thebes, Greece and died on February 17, 2017.
He was a Greek politician.
A member of the New Democracy party, Member of Parliament for Boetia and Minister of Agricultural Development.
Additionally, he was a Lawyer, Political Scientist, LL.M., Beotia MP, Deputy Minister, Minister, Member of Parliamentary Assembly of International Organizations, Head of Environmental Sector ND.
He served as the MP of Beotia ND. Head of Environmental Sector ND. Vice-President, Special Parliamentary Committee on Road Safety.
He was a Member of Parliamentary Assembly / Nato and a Member of Parliamentary Committee on Product and Trade.
Evangelos was married to Vicentia Syropoulou and father of a son called Thanassis-Aristides.
Evangelos Basiakos passed away at 663 years old.