Eugeniusz Rudnik, Polish composer and sound engineer, Died at 83

  Music, Reseacher

Eugeniusz Rudnik was born on October 28, 1932, and died on October 24, 2016.

He was a modern Polish composer, electronics engineer and sound engineer.

He was known as a pioneer of electronic and electro-acoustic music in Poland.

He works can be divided into two categories; autonomous electroacoustic music and works known as “ars acustica”.

During both, the composer uses the electronic material, electronics processed concrete material with varying degrees of recognition of the source.

As a composer he often uses collage method, making it a primary means of expression.

During has created about 95 works as a composer, in studios of electronic music in Warsaw, Stockholm, Cologne, Paris, Bourges, Baden-Baden, Brussels and Ghent.

His Music genre “ars acustica” oscillate between the type of radio drama and music programs.

Rudnik graduated from the Faculty of Electronics on Warsaw University of Technology, in 1967.

Eugeniusz Rudnik passed away 83 years old.