Eugene Gendlin, Austrian-born American philosopher, Died at 90


Eugene T. Gendlin was born Eugen Gendelin on December 25, 1926, in Vienna and died May 1, 2017, in Spring Valley, New York.

He was an American philosopher.

He developed ways of thinking about and working with living process, the bodily felt sense and the ‘philosophy of the implicit’.

Even though he had no degree in the field of psychology, his advanced study with Carl Rogers, his longtime practice of psychotherapy and his extensive writings in the field of psychology have made him perhaps better known in that field than in philosophy.

Gendlin studied under Carl Rogers, the founder of client-centered therapy, at the University of Chicago and received his PhD in philosophy in 1958.

His theories impacted Rogers’ own beliefs and played a role in Rogers’ view of psychotherapy.

He served as an Associate Professor in the departments of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Chicago from 1964 until 1995.

Eugene T. Gendlin passed away at 90 years old.