Ethel Dorothy Farrell, Australian supercentenarian, Died at 113


Ethel Dorothy Farrell was born on November 27, 1902, in Lucknow, and died on December 24, 2015.

She was an Indian-born Australian supercentenarian.

She was the oldest living person in Australia when Vi Robbins died on October 8, 2014.

She is the third oldest verified person ever in Australia.

She moved from Lucknow, India, with her husband to Australia in 1948

Ethel husband passed away at 89 yrs old in 1991.

She was a drinker and a smoker, Ethel remained in good health and keeping her own teeth when she turned 110.

When her 113rd birthday.

Ethel had five children (four of whom are still alive), nine grandchildren, 1 twelve great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren.

Ethel Dorothy Farrell passed away at 113 years old and 23 days, in Blackburn South, Victoria.