Erwin Glonnegger, German game inventor, Died at 90

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Erwin Glonnegger was born on May 19, 1925, in Aulendorf and died on February 6, 2016, in Ravensburg.

He was a German game designer.

Erwin served 35 years as the program manager for games at Ravensburger.

He was a bookstore assistant in the “Rieck’schen bookstore” in Aulendorf before he had for combat in Russia 1943rd After working in France and Africa, he came to the war two years in American captivity.

In 1949, Glonnegger ran the Ravensburger publishing house and stayed there 36 years until his retirement in 1985.

Within 1959 and 1969, he built there an archive on, was the date of receipt for the first time on the history of board games.

During the same era, Erwin directed the classic Memory (1959), Maleficent (1960), as well as the Ravensburger Hobby (from 1961) and paperbacks (1962).

Despite the appearance of many puzzles that the company falls 1964 due to his involvement.

Erwin Glonnegger recognized the signs for early internationalization of the gaming market and came into contact with numerous authors whose ideas he implemented along with them, such as Alex Randolph and Max Kobbert.

Following that, he brought the published in large editions Games Börsenspiel, First arithmetic, Germany travel, trade and commerce, and Emil and the Detectives successfully to market.

Also for the coveted among collectors Games of the casino series, he was the publisher.

He received his first award of the Game Awards for Game of the Year for Hase und Igel went in 1979 also because of its commitment to the publisher to Ravensburg.

Erwin Glonnegger passed away at 90 yrs old.