Ernst Fuchs, Austrian painter, Died at 85

Ernst Fuchs was born on February 13, 1930, and died on November 9, 2015.

He was an Austrian painter, draftsman, printmaker, sculptor, architect, stage designer, composer, poet, singer and one of the founders of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.

In 1972 Ernst acquired the derelict Otto Wagner Villa in Hütteldorf, which he restored and transformed.

The villa was inaugurated as the Ernst Fuchs Museum in 1988.

Ernst studied sculpture with Emmy Steinbock (1943), attended the St. Anna Painting School where he studied under Professor Fröhlich (1944), and entered the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (1945) where he began his studies under Professor Robin C. Anderson, later moving to the class of Albert Paris von Gütersloh.

At the Academy he met Arik Brauer, Rudolf Hausner, Fritz Janschka, Wolfgang Hutter, and Anton Lehmden, together with whom he later founded what has become known as the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism.

Ernst was also a founding member of the Art-Club (1946), as well as the Hundsgruppe, set up in opposition to it in 1951, together with Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Arnulf Rainer.

Ernst passed away at age 85 in November 2015.