Enrique Cirules, Cuban writer, Died at 78


Enrique Cirules was born in 1938 and died on December 18, 2016.

He was a Cuban writer and essayist.

Enrique Cirules was born in Nuevitas, Camagüey Province.

Some his best known works are Conversation with the last American (1973), a non-fiction novel about the establishing, rise and fall of an American city in Cuba, The Other War (short stories, 1980), The Saga of La Gloria City (novel, 1983) and Bluefields (novel, 1986).

Cirules’ most famous work is Mafia in Havana (El Imperio de La Habana) which won the Casa de Las Américas Prize for literature in 1993 and the Literary Critic’s Award in 1994.

Nonetheless, Ernest Hemingway in the Romano Archipelago won a mention at the Casa de Las Américas in 1999.

Cirules’ most recent works are The Secret life of Meyer Lansky in Havana (2004 and 2006) and Santa Clara Santa (2006).

Enrique Cirules passed away at 78 years old.