Ellen Vogel, Dutch actress, Died at 90

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Dead, Ellen Marie Vogel, born 26 January 1922 and died 5 august 2015, she was a Dutch television-film and stage actress.

Born on 26 January 1922 in the The Hague, Netherlands as the second child of publicist Louis Albert Anthing Vogel (1874–1933) and Ellen Buwalda (1890-1985), Her older sister Pauline Berthe Theodore “Tanja” Anthing Vogel (1919–1997) was the owner of a ballet studio in Wassenaar and her younger brother Albert Theodore Leonard Carel Anthing Vogel, Jr. (1924-1982) was also an actor.

In 1942 Vogel married Hans Jurgen Tobi (born 16 April 1916 in Dortmund, German Empire) they had one son Peter Paul Tobi (born 2 October 1946).

Vogel and Tobi divorced in October 1949, Hans Jurgen Tobi died on 18 April 2000 in Gorssel, Netherlands aged 84.

Vogel was in a relation with Dutch filmmaker and actor Fons Rademakers from 1950 till 1955.