Eli Avramov, Israeli rock and new wave musician (HaClique), Died at 61

Eli Avramov was born in 1954, in Jerusalem and died on November 24, 2015.

The group was an Israeli rock band, that was founded in 1980.

The group includes Dani Dothan (Vocals), Eli Avramov (Guitar), Ovad Efrat (Bass) and Jean-Jacques Goldberg (Drums).

The HaClique was originally around for three years, but they reunited twice; once in 1988, they recorded and released their live album, and again in 1999, releasing the resulting mini-album in their 2002 box-set.

The group became well known in Israel for songs such as; “Incubator”, “Golem”, “Ani Avud”, “Al Tadliku Li Ner” and “Kol Haemet”.

In all, the group released two albums, a live album, a mini-album, a box-set and three singles.

Eli Avramov passed away at 61 yrs old on November 24, 2015.