Elena Verdugo, American actress, Died at 92


Elena Angela Verdugo was born on April 20, 1925 and died on May 30, 2017.

She was an American actress.

She began in films at the age of five in Cavalier of the West (1931).

Verdugo career in radio, television, and film spanned six decades.

She made numerous film appearances through the 1940s, including several Universal horror films.

While filming the Abbott and Costello comedy Little Giant (1946), Verdugo met and married screenwriter Charles R. Marion, who also wrote for the comedy team’s radio show.

Verdugo starred with Gene Autry and Stephen Dunne in the movie The Big Sombrero (1949).

Verdugo had a small part as the orange girl smitten by Cyrano’s gallantry in the opening theater scene of the 1950 José Ferrer version of Cyrano de Bergerac.

Verdugo co-starred in Thief of Damascus (1952) with Paul Henreid and John Sutton.

He was died in Los Angeles.

Elena Verdugo passed away at 92 years old.