El Lebrijano, Spanish flamenco singer, Died at 74


Juan Peña Fernández was born on August 8, 1941,in Lebrija, province of Seville and died on July 13, 2016.

The Spanish singer was known as Juan Peña “El Lebrijano” or simply El Lebrijano,

He was a Spanish Gitano (Roma) musician, the nephew of Perrate de Utrera.

He started playing the flamenco guitar as a child, accompanying singers such as La Paquera de Jerez in 1950’s, but soon turned to Flamenco singing.

During 1964, El Lebrijano won the championship at the Competition of Mairena del Alcor, one of the most important Flamenco music festivals.

Juan was regarded highly in just a few years as one of the greatest voices of flamenco.

Later, after a few years in 1970, he started his collaboration with famous guitarist Paco de Lucía.

El Lebrijano most recent musical works include Andalusi influences, with albums such as Casablanca, Open Doors and Encuentros, and as a tribute to his friend Gabriel García Márquez.

During 1997 the Spanish Ministry of Culture awarded El Lebrijano with the Medalla de Oro al Trabajo (Gold medal working labour).

El Lebrijano passed away at 74 yers old.