Egil Kapstad, Norwegian jazz pianist, arranger and composer, Died at 76


Egil Kapstad was born on August 6, 1940, Oslo, Norway and died on July 13, 2017, Oslo.

He was a Norwegian jazz pianist, composer and arranger.

Kapstad stands behind the music for more than 50 productions for theater, and has also composed for film and television drama.

Kapstad has written a number of classical works for orchestra, choir, string quartet, and smaller ensembles, and was a chief executive of the association Ny Musikk.

Egil has also worked as a host in television for NRK.

His Trio worked as a small orchestra in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix of 1965.

He was became a government scholar in 2003.

Egil Kapstad passed away at 76 years old.