Eevi Huttunen, Finnish Olympic speed skater, Died at 93


Eevi Huttunen, married name Pirinen was born on August 23, 1922, and died on December 3, 2015.

She was a speed skater from Finland.

Eevi was born in Karttula.

Being for a decade, almost the only female skater able to compete against the Soviet ladies on the longer distances, Eevi made a comeback specially for the 1960 Winter Olympics (the first where women speed skaters were allowed to compete), where she managed to win the bronze in the 3000 m.

Eevi competed in eleven World Allround Championships, which was till 1960 the only international speed skating event for women, from 1948 to 1960 (every year except 1956 and 1958), winning the 1951 event and being on many occasions the best non-soviet skater, certainly in the longer distances.

Eevi Huttunen passed away at age 93 in December 2015.