Edwin Kessler, American atmospheric scientist, Died at 88


Edwin Kessler III was born on December 2, 1928, and died on February 21, 2017.

He was an American atmospheric scientist.

Kessler oversaw the development of Doppler weather radar and was the first director of the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL).

He was the oldest of three sons, born to Edwin Kessler, Jr. and Marie Rosa Weil in Brooklyn on December 2, 1928.

He had spent his early years in New York City, Marie, Edwin, and the other sons went to live in his mother’s home town of Corpus Christi, Texas while his father was in the military overseas.

Edwin Kessler graduated from Corpus Christi High School in 1945.

Kessler returned to New York to attend Columbia College of Columbia University but left in 1946 for 18 months to enlist in the Army, afterward remaining in the Army Intelligence Reserve and returning to Columbia where he graduated in 1950.

He married his high school classmate, Lottie Catherine Menger, on May 28, 1950.

Edwin Kessler passed away at 88 years old.