Eduardo Pavlovsky, Argentine actor and playwright, Died at 81

Eduardo Tato Pavlovsky was born on December 10, 1933, in Buenos Aires and died on October 4, 2015.

He was a Argentine actor, playwright and director of oriented psychodrama.

Alexander Pavlovsky was his grandfather.

Pavlovsky received a psychotherapist and in 1960 began working with psychodrama, for the first time in Latin America.

Eduardo was best known works are Cobwebs, Mr. Laforgue, Mr. Galindez, Powers and Red red balloons.

However, the latter three were made into films.

Eduardo was the initiator of psychodrama in Latin America and author of several books on the subject, including the first book in Castilian Psychotherapy group of children and adolescents.

Awards received by him includes, the Award IFT Theatre (1967), the Prize of the Theatre Festival of the Americas (Montreal, 1987), the Prize of the magazine Time Out (London, 1987), the Moli̬re Award (France, 1989) The Prensario Award (1994) Awards Argentores and ACE (1995), the Konex Platinum (2001) and the Konex Award РCertificate of Merit (1994, 2001 and 2004).

Alexander Pavlovsky passed away 91 yrs old on October 4, 2015.