Eddy Wally, Belgian singer, Died at 83

Eddy Wally, birth name Eduard Van De Walle, was born on July 12, 1932, and died on February 6, 2016.

He was a singer from Zelzate (East Flanders, Belgium), and is the self-proclaimed “Voice of Europe”.

During his tenure as a crooner and showman, he has toured worldwide, from China, Australia, all of Europe and the United States, and even 24 tour dates in 1979 within the USSR.

He was best known for his songs “Chérie”, which became a double-platinum hit.

Wally was also known for “Ik spring uit een vliegmachien” (“I’ll jump out of an aeroplane”), and “Dans Mi Amor”.

His career started as a salesman, he sold handbags in markets and became popular in the 1960s, following his association with Dutch producer Johnny Hoes.

Wally at one point he had his own disco “Chérie-Paris Las Vegas”, and was first known as “Eddy Wally’s Texas Bar”.

Eddy Wally used to be a regular feature on the UK television program Eurotrash, mostly due to his name and obscure dress sense.

Eddy was also known for his famous meme where he appears before a green-screen, says “wow,” then winks at the viewer before stepping out of the frame.

He has many jokes of this on YouTube, most of which being MLG montage parodies.

Eddy Wally passed away at 83 yrs old.