Eddie Einhorn, American broadcasting, Died at 80


Eddie Einhorn was born on January 3, 1936, and died on February 24, 2016.

He was a minority owner and Vice Chairman of the Chicago White Sox.

His family was Jewish family from Paterson, New Jersey, the son of Mae (née Lippman) and Harold B. Einhorn and has resided in Alpine, New Jersey.

Eddie Einhorn produced the nationally affiliated radio broadcast of the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship in 1958.

During the year 1960, Eddie founded the TVS Television Network to telecast college basketball games to regional networks at a time that the sport was of no interest to the national networks.

One of his first broadcast was Bradley University vs. St. Bonaventure University from Madison Square Garden.

He supported the first national broadcast of college basketball for the Game of the Century between the Houston Cougars and UCLA Bruins in 1968.

Eddie Einhorn later sold his interest in the network and became the head of CBS Sports.

After that, Eddie would co-found subscription TV channel Sportsvision, which, after a number of sales and restructurings, eventually became cable network Sportschannel.

Eddie Einhorn was the first the owner of the IWA wrestling promotion in the United States in 1975.

Eddie Einhorn passed away at 80 yrs old.