Eddie Cusic, Blues Musician, Died at 89

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Dead, Eddie Cusic, American blues musician, born January 4, 1926 and died August 11, 2015 of prostate cancer.

Eddie Cusic was born January 4, 1926 in the Wilmot community south of Leland, Mississippi.

He grew up farming with his family and was first inspired to play the blues from hearing men play at suppers and other get-togethers in his community.

Like many Delta musicians of his generation, his first attempts to play were done on a diddly-bow, a one string instrument consisting of a piece of bailing wire attached to a wall and played with a knife or bottle neck.

He eventually moved up to a Sears Roebuck guitar and began playing with other local musicians.

In the early 1950s, Cusic formed a group called the Rhythm Aces. It was a three-piece band featuring two guitars and a drummer.

The group they played the clubs in Greenville, Leland and in juke joints throughout the Delta.

One of the members of the group was future blues legend “Little” Milton Campbell.

A native of Greenville, Campbell has long attested to the early influence Cusic had on his guitar playing.



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