Dynamite Kid


Professional wrestler Thomas Billington best known by the ring name the Dynamite Kid was born on December 5, 1958, in Golborne, Lancashire and died on December 5, 2018.

He was a British expert wrestler.

Dynamite Kid contended in the World Wrestling Federation, Stampede Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and New Japan Pro Wrestling in the mid-to-late-1980s.

Along with his cousin Davey Boy Smith, Dynamite Kid was additionally known for having been one portion of the label group The British Bulldogs.

Additionally, Dynamite Kid had outstanding fights with Tiger Mask in Japan and Bret Hart in Canada.

He was considered by many, including Bret Hart and Dave Meltzer, to have been one of wrestling’s most persuasive in-ring entertainers, having enhanced the dimension of physicality associated with the workmanship and blending styles from Britain, Mexico, Canada and Japan.

During 1991, he was divorced from his first wife Michelle Smadu (the sister of Bret Hart’s then-wife Julie), with whom Billington had one son and two daughters (Marek, Bronwyne and Amaris).

Following the end of his marriage to Michelle, he moved from Canada back home to Wigan with his parents.

There Dynamite Kid married for a second time to a woman named Dot, with her he gained three stepsons; John, Steven and Mark.

He was a close friend of Wayne Hart.

He was living in Calgary at one point they were the co-owner of an apartment together where they lived with their respective girlfriends.

Dynamite Kid passed away at 60 years old.


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