Dutch television presenter Mies Bouwman, Died at 88

Maria Antoinette “Mies” Bouwman was born on 31 December 1929 and died on 26 February 2018.

She was a Dutch television presenter.

She was born in Amsterdam.

Maria began her career on the very first broadcasting evening of the Dutch broadcasting association KRO (Catholic Radio Broadcaster) on 16 October 1951.

She made her name as the host of the first large fund-raising programme on Dutch TV, Open Het Dorp.

On Open Het Dorp the viewers were asked to donate money for charity, in order to open a special village for people with a handicap.

Open Het Dorp was broadcast live on 26 and 27 November 1962 and lasted 23 hours.

She presented the entire show.

She developed and hosted Eén van de acht, known in the UK as The Generation Game. She hosted numerous talk shows, as well as the Dutch version of This is your life.

Bouwman stopped her regular work after falling sick, but has occasionally returned for special programs.

She retired from TV in 1993 due to health restrictions.

Mies Bouwman was appointed Knight in the Order of Orange-Nassau.

After her retirement she appeared on TV for interviews as a guest.

Mies Bouwman passed away at 88 years old.