Ducksy Walsh, Irish handball player, Died at 50


Michael “Ducksy” Walsh was born on May 3, 1966, and died on August 4, 2016.

He was an Irish handball player for Kilkenny.

He was considered by many as the greatest player to play singles handball.

Michael contested the 2007 M Donnelly 60 x 30 Singles Handball final against Eoin Kennedy of Dublin.

He won all of the Senior Softball Singles title between 1985-97.

Walsh won again in 1999, 2000 and 2001.

Walsh also won 10 All Ireland Softball Doubles with fellow Kilkennyman Eugene Downey.

Even before his death, Walsh was still competing at the highest level of 60×30 Handball.

During 2015 he reached the Senior Doubles 60×30 All Ireland final with Ciaran Neary.

Michael lost out in the tie break and followed this up weeks later by winning the All Ireland Masters 60×30 Singles title.

His Honours: 16 All-Ireland 60×30 Senior Singles titles 7 All-Ireland 40×20 Senior Singles titles 10 All-Ireland 60×30 Senior Doubles titles 5 All- Ireland 40×20 Senior Doubles Titles 1 Waterford National Crystal Singles 7 Handballer of the year awards Numerous underage All-Ireland, USA and world titles etc. Holds record thirteen successive Senior Softball Singles titles 1985-1997. Holds record thirty-eight All-Ireland Senior medals. 10 All Ireland Masters 40×20 Singles 2 World Championships in 2015 – Masters 40×20 Singles Masters One Wall Singles.

Ducksy Walsh passed away at 50 years old.