Duck Edwing, American cartoonist, Died at 82


Don “Duck” Edwing was born in 1934, in Brooklyn, New York, and died on December 26, 2016.

He was an American gag cartoonist.

His work has appeared for years in Mad.

Edwing’s 49-year tenure with Mad spanned six decades, beginning with his first two gag cartoons for the magazine

Edwing’s signature “Duck Edwing” is usually accompanied by a small picture of a duck, and duck calls are heard on his answering machine.

The company editor of Mad, John Ficarra said, “He’s exactly how people picture a Mad magazine writer.”

During 2007, he told an interviewer, “I always believed that when you choose your field, you should specialize – You never deviate. I chose ‘sick puppy.

Prior to him drawing his own cartoons, Edwing was the uncredited writer for many of Don Martin’s cartoon gags.

In his final decade with Mad, Edwing began receiving a writer’s byline for many of Martin’s cartoons, as well as new material from Martin’s paperback books.

He met Clair, who was known as Cluck Edwing, in Virginia in the late 1970s.

The couple got married and moved to Florida, where they lived together until her death in 2008.

Don Edwing passed away at 82 years old.