Don Davis, American gun shop owner, Died at 82


Don Davis died on February 4, 2016.

He was the owner of Don’s Guns and Galleries, a firearms retailer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Don claimed to be the largest independent gun dealer in the United States, and his store has been called the largest public display of firearms in America.

Also, he operated multiple stores in the Indianapolis area.

All the stores were then open 24 hours a day.

Don Davis’s suburban Indianapolis store located in the city of Greenwood, Indiana, was robbed and employee was shot and killed, on October 8, 1997.

Early after the attack, he closed all except for the Lafayette Road store.

While no longer open 24 hours a day, this flagship store has proceeded to experience shootings and attempted robberies, with the most recent shooting occurring September 17, 2012.

At one point a customer visiting the store to use its indoor shooting range intentionally shot a store employee twice.

The employee immediately returned fire, killing his attacker.

Davis was named in the top 5 dealers who sell guns to criminals by the United States Department of Justice, ranked at #4 in the US.

Don Davis was a vocal advocate of the Brady Bill, who went so far as to burn all of his military-style semiautomatic firearms on national television while the bill was being debated in congress.

Davis is locally known for his late night television commercials.

Indianapolis Magazine voted his commercials as worst Indianapolis-based commercials in 1984 and 1985.

His commercials traditionally end with his slogan, “I don’t want to make any money, I just love to sell guns he-he-he.”

Additionally, Don Davis was interviewed by NPR’s Michele Norris on All Things Considered to discuss the sunset of the Brady Bill.

Don Davis passed away at 82 yrs old.