Dick Maugg, known for Bartles & Jaymes ads, Died at 83

Dick Maugg was born in Longview, Washington, and died on July 28, 2015.

He was known as the silent half of the Bartles & Jaymes duo from the brand’s of the 1980s commercials.

Dick had studied business at the University of Washington.

Dick Maugg is known as the wine cooler pitchman.

The commercials began with a “Hello” from Bartles, played by Dave Rufkahr, and ended with, “Thank you for your support”. This made the Bartles & Jaymes drink a top seller.

Dicks acting career was very short-lived.

He was in sales and building construction before landing the role with the E&J Gallo wine cooler brand.

Hal Riney was charged with overseeing the Bartles & Jaymes ads.

A cattle rancher named Rufkahr got the job for the part of Bartles.

The role of Ed Jaymes was given to Maugg the night before the first shoot.

The pair went on to make over 200 ads together.

He left behind his wife and 3 children. Rufkahr passed away in 1996.

Dick Maugg passed away at 83 yrs old.