Desmond Clarke, Irish philosopher, Died at 74


Desmond M. Clarke was born in 1942 and died on September 17,  2016.

He was an author and professor of philosophy at University College Cork, in Cork, Ireland.

Desmond Clarke research interests lay mainly in the 17th century, on such topics as the history of philosophy and theories of science – with a specific interest in the writings of René Descartes, as well as contemporary church/state relations, human rights, and nationalism.

Desmond Clarke was co-editor of the Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy series, and he has translated and written an introduction for the Penguin edition of Descartes’ Meditations on First Philosophy.

Clarke retired from his position as Professor of Philosophy in 2006.

He was the founder and a general editor of Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy, 76 volumes have been published with new translations of non-English texts from ancient Greek, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Italian and German.

Desmond Clarke passed away at 74 years old.