Dennis Karjala, American law professor, Died at 77

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Dennis S. Karjala was born on December 19, 1939 and died on April 26, 2017.

He was an intellectual property law professor at Arizona State University.

Dennis Karjala’s major interests in teaching and research were primarily in the area of intellectual property, specifically in copyright and its applications in digital technologies.

Karjala’s work in the field of intellectual property was internationally recognized and complemented by his ease in speaking and writing in Japanese.

He started working at Arizona State University in 1978, taught international copyright and intellectual property in cyberspace.

But, for a long time he worked and wrote articles in the areas of security, corporate rights, federal (personal and corporate) taxation and business planning.

Karjala was married to Katarina Karjala and has three children.

He was fluent in Japanese, and also familiar with German, French and Slovak.

Dennis Karjala passed away at 77 years old.