David Teeuwen, American newspaper editor, Died at 45


David Teeuwen was born on June 26, 1970, and died on November 4, 2015 from cancer.

He was the managing editor of USA Today where he helped pioneer digital news.

David was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and grew up in the Mid West.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism from Ohio State University and a master’s in mass communications at Miami University in Ohio.

David began his career in radio. David worked for Radio America in Washington, D.C., hosting a daily news program.

He was hired by the USA TODAY, a Gannett-owned newspaper in 1999 as a multimedia producer, specializing in audio in the dotcom department that which at the time was separate from the print newsroom.

David advanced his career at the dotcom department, and was promoted to senior producer of rich media.

He later became deputy editor of the design department. In the early 2000s the department experimented with visual tools and interactive tools.

David was viewed as open to new platforms and experimentation, and as one with a good sense of news and a no-nonsense approach.

In 2006 the print and dotcom news departments combined at USA TODAY.

Unlike other employees with habits of the daily print cycle who struggled with embracing the digital mindset, David who combined digital savvy with journalism seized the opportunity to advance.

After the integration, David became website manager and oversaw the site’s presentation and functionality.

David passed away at age 45 in November 2015 of intestinal cancer.