David Rice, American convicted murderer, Died at 68


David Rice was born in 1947, in Omaha and died on March 12, 2016.

He was an American convicted murderer.

David Rice was also known as Mondo we Langa and Edward Poindexter were charged and convicted of the murder of Omaha Police Officer Larry Minard.

Officer Minard died when a suitcase bomb containing dynamite exploded in a North Omaha home on August 17, 1970.

And, Officer John Tess was also injured during the explosion.

David died in his cell at the Nebraska State Penitentiary on March 12, 2016, and was discovered the next day.

Both Poindexter and Rice was known members of the Black Panther Party, and their case was, and continues to be, controversial.

While the case was moving forward, the Omaha Police recommended withholding exculpatory evidence, a tape of a 911 call, from being played at the trial.

Both men had been targeted by the FBI’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program), which operated against and infiltrated anti-war and Civil Rights groups, including the Omaha Black Panthers.

Also, Amnesty International had been following the case and recommended a retrial or release for Rice and Poindexter.

However, the state’s parole board have recommended the men for release, but political leaders have not acted on these recommendations.

David Rice passed away at 68 years old and had been in poor health.