David Douglas, Irish robber and drug dealer, Dead


David “DathaĆ­” Douglas died on July 1, 2016.

He was an Irish zookeeper turned criminal.

In the year of 1983, Douglas received a twelve-year sentence at the Special Criminal Court for shooting with intent to kill a Garda during an armed robbery.

David Douglas had been a member of the Provisional IRA.

It was said that, David was kicked out of the IRA because of his involvement with illegal drugs.

David Douglas was stopped in a taxi with three other men near Pearse Street – GardaĆ­ recovered a black holdall containing 8kg of cocaine, in 2008.

It was reported were that telephone records from the previous three months linked the men.

Apparently, these drugs were trafficked by the Kinahan cartel.

But, in December 2011 Douglas was sentenced to ten years, with five suspended.

Apparently, he had links to the Hutch gang, as well as George Mitchell and a gang in Finglas.

He died from been shot.

David Douglas passed away in July 2016.