David D’Amato, American film subject, Died at 55


David D’Amato died in March 2017.

He was a former assistant principal and director of guidance at West Hempstead High School.

David actively spammed and trolled a variety of newsgroups (particularly “alt.gothic” and “rec.music.phish”) from roughly 1996 to 1999, initiated e-mail bombings against those he considered “opponents,” and solicited for video recordings of young adult males being bound and tickled, all while using the pseudonym/alter ego Terri DiSisto, who was supposedly a female college student.

He was found guilty of e-mail bombings which caused service outages at a number of colleges and universities, was fined $5,000 (USD), and spent six months in federal prison after being convicted in 2001.

David was a subject of the 2016 documentary Tickled.

David D’Amato passed away at 55 years old.