David Bellini, Italian screenwriter, Died at 43


David Bellini was born on November 7, 1972, and died on October 20, 2016.

He was an Italian screenwriter, television writer, story editor, and docu-director.

He was best known as the screenwriter of the famous TV series Un medico in famiglia, head writer of the Italian programs: Tetris and Festa Italiana, creator, and director of a number of docu-series such as Passaggi Segreti and Tra cielo e terra.

He was the son of a skilled worker and a hairdresser.

David graduated in Political Science in the University of Siena.

He took his studies in Siena, he also founded the Cultural Association Articolo 21, wrote often for some local newspapers (Il Tirreno, La Gazzetta di Siena) and attended a creative writing course by Vincenzo Cerami in the town of Lucca.

Bellini was also pupil of Furio Scarpelli and years later he participated in a course for screenwriters organized by Dino Audino and Rai Fiction held by some of the best Italian and American screenwriting coaches: John Truby, Dara Marks, Francesco Scardamaglia, Gino Ventriglia and Linda Seger.

David Bellini passed away at 43 years old.