Dara Fitzpatrick, Irish Coast Guard helicopter pilot, Died at 45

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Dara Fitzpatrick was born in 1972 and died on March 14, 2017.
She was a helicopter pilot for the Irish Coast Guard.
Dara was killed in the 2017 Irish Coast Guard S-92 crash.
She wanted to join Aer Lingus but didn’t get accepted.
The Irish Air Corps was hiring pilots, so she began taking helicopter lessons.
She went on to become the first female commercial pilot and, later, the first female captain in Ireland.
Some of her colleague includes Captain Carmel Kirby, Fitzpatrick made Irish aviation history when they crewed the first all-female missions in the Irish Coast Guard helicopter service.
Fitzpatrick was also known for her starring role in Rescue 117, a 2011 documentary series on RTÉ which gave behind-the-scenes access to the helicopter search-and-rescue service.
Dara Fitzpatrick passed away at 45 years old.