Daniel Scheck, Uruguayan lawyer, journalist, writer and businessman, Died at 85

Daniel Scheck was born in 1928, and died on the October 13, 2015.

He was a Uruguayan lawyer, journalist, writer and businessman.

Scheck began as a sports journalist in the country.

In 1955, he and his brother founded Jorge’s humor magazine on Monday.

In 1961, Scheck was responsible for Reporter magazine editor.

That same year he became a lawyer at the University of the Republic, but never practiced.

He and his brother Jorge created Telecataplum.

The pair and under the nickname “The werewolves” were scriptwriters and responsible Telecataplum comedy show that from being aired by Channel 12 became a legend of television in the Rio de la Plata, in 1962.

Along with his brothers Eduardo and Carlos Eugenio, they created ‘The Book of ads in the Country (1983) who, after moving to The Day, monopolized the market for classified ads of newspapers.

Scheck was chairman of the board of Channel 12, between 1975 and 1983.

He served in the year 1982 and 1996, with the Uruguayan Chapter of the International Advertising Asociation.

In 1988, Daniel Scheck was the president of the Congress and Festival of the Latin American Association of Advertising.

Daniel was also president of the Newspaper Association of Uruguay and integrated directory of books Group of America, who presided in 2001.
Five books of humor.

Scheck published books Blabl├índole the people (1990), ‘playing with words.

Dictionary summer air conditioning (2000), complete Leftovers (2001, two volumes) and turn-block around the Earth (2005).

They received awards for Telecataplum, in Uruguay and Argentina Martin Fierro; Morosoli also won the award in the category Written Humor (1999) and the Ariel Award Ateneo de Montevideo (2006).

Scheck was a member and chaired by a period, the founding board of Newspapers Group of America (GDA), the association of major newspapers in Latin America.

Daniel created El Pais Digital, which opened March 6, 1996.

His funeral was held at Martinelli Park.

Daniel Scheck passed away at 85 yrs old.